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keeping tally of our relationship with the earth!


We challenge the status quo of using traditional plastic in snack packaging. We started with banana leaves and have added bioplastic and kraft paper in order to fully embrace innovation and sustainability. Read more below.

banana leaves
Following an old tradition in the Vietnamese culture, we offer an option to get our yummy Bites wrapped in banana leaves. It is one of the most sustainable ways of packaging food. Zero plastic and carbon neutral.

Read more here about our banana leaf packaging.

Interested to be super eco-friendly on your next outdoor adventure or looking for a green product at your next event?
Be in touch to order our banan leaf wrapped Bites in bulk.

cassava starch-based bioplastic
We decided to use cassava starch based bioplastic that gives our Energy Bites a longer shelf life while staying true to our mission for sustainability.

The packaging material consists of around 40% cassava starch and around 60% polyethylene and polyactic acid (aka a 'bioplastic').
The idea behind bioplastics is that the biobased content, in this case the cassava starch, accelerates the biodegration of the material - from tens of years of conventional plastic to only months of bioplastic.

Please read more here about the launch of our bioplastic wrapper and the benefits and disadvantages.

And please be reminded to only dispose your bioplastic wrapper in your organic waste.

kraft paper packaging
For our labels and boxes, we decided to go for Vietnamese recycled Kraft Paper.

It is all in one: natural, biodegradable, fully compostable within weeks, recycable, biobased and sustainable.

Kraft is produced from all-natural ingredients such as pulp from all types of wood (including recycled paper), while conventional paper uses specific woods.
Kraft products have generally been treated with fewer chemicals and are arguably more environmentally-friendly. For example, it is not bleached, a process that can harm the environment significantly.


from production to earth
As part of the prdocution at Lecka, we create waste, mostly plastic from our supply chain and packaged ingredients.

We are trying as much as possible to reduce the waste and are working with our suppliers on it.

In the meantime, we take full control how our waste gets recycled. We partner with the Ho Chi Minh based company PlasticPeople that has a plastic recycling facility and has a proven record in upcycling plastic waste into useful products, e.g. housing material for schools in the Mekong Delta.

This partnership ensures that the waste does not end up in landfill, where it harms nature or gets burned, creating a lot of carbon emissions.
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