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return policy

all information about returning our products

1. Return policy
Lecka's exchange / return policy allows customers to return one / several items in the order and can choose to receive money back or exchange for a replacement product. However, we do have a few simple requirements for making an exchange / return for you.

You can request to exchange / return the products in your order for any of the reasons listed below:
- Technical error;
- Not correct product you requested (wrong product code,...);
- Damage: the product shows signs of damage during transportation.

The following are general requirements for returns / exchanges:
- Effective period for exchange / return goods is 05 days from the date of receipt of goods;
- You also keep a confirmation of your purchase at lecka (order number, purchase invoice, delivery receipt, bank statement ...);
- The product must have the original stamp, label, and original package intact (unless the product is defective or damaged during transportation) and accompanying gifts (if any);
- The product has no signs of being used.

2. Regulations on the time to notify and return returned products
- Time to notify return: within 48 hours after receiving the product;
- Product delivery time: within 14 days after receiving the product;
- Location, product return method: Customers can bring products directly to our office or by post or other delivery service.

In case you have comments / complaints related to product quality, please contact our customer care line.