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Mọi chuyện bắt đầu vào đầu năm 2020, khi một loạt các vận động viên chạy địa hình yêu thiên nhiên đang khám phá những con đường mòn ở vùng cao nguyên Việt Nam và cần năng lượng để thực hiện nhiệm vụ của họ...

Lecka was founded by Markus, a passionate trail runner, and a bunch of other outdoor athletes in Vietnam. They had the vision to come up with healthy snacks while being eco-friendly to nature. this picture shows Markus with Tan Hi, another top runner

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Lecka's mission is to provide healthy snacks for active lifestyles. we want to help you be good to yourself and the planet. our natural ingredients from Vietnam empower you with sustained energy and our packaging creates less waste for the planet

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Lecka's focus is on producing a great product, taking care of our customers and staff, respecting our Mother Earth, pushing progress vigorously and re-investing profit into those areas.

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Lecka commited to give back 1% of our annual sales to the Vietnamese communities. We support projects in environmentalism and youth development.

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