How many Energy Bars should I buy?

If you are planning to eat the Lecka Energy Bar as a snack during the day, 1-2 Bars are enough per day. If you are planning to eat it before, during or after your exercise, best is to know how many Calories you are burning for your exercise. Usally one Bar before and after your exercise are great. If you are doing a long exercise (>90min) then we recommend to also enjoy one Bar during that exercise. Read in our blog more about your Calories burn for different sports. We sell the Bars in boxes of 6 and 12. Check them out now and see which flavour you like.

where can I buy your products?

You can buy our products at various retail partners in Vietnam and Singapore, including fitness studios, running shops, hotels and many more. Please check our Retail Partner List for more info.

Where can I buy your products online?

You can buy our products online via this online shop, our Facebook page and shopee.

How can I cancel my order?

If the order has not been shipped yet, you can cancel your order by reaching out to us via social media or the website. Our customer support will take care of you.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by credit and debit card, paypal, internet banking and cash on delivery.


Where do you ship to?

We ship nationwide in Vietnam. It takes 2-4 days for major cities and 2-5 days for more rural areas. At the moment we don't deliver overseas. Please check our Terms of Services for all information.

Where can I track my shipping?

Once you placed your order, you will get an order confirmation with the shipping details. As soon as we have handed the parcel over to our shipping provider, we will send you another notification with a tracking code.

Return & Exchange

How can I return the products?

You can return the product if: - it is still unopened and in its original packaging - if you bought it on our online shop - it is within 7 days after ordering

How can I exchange the products?

You can exchange the product for free if: - it is still unopened and in its original packaging - if you bought it on our online shop - it is within 7 days after ordering


Where are your ingredients from?

We carefully source our ingredients from high quality farmers in Vietnam that follow international food safety standards. We work with family-owned businesses that have a tradition in growing high quality food.

Do your products contain any common food allergens such as dairy, nuts, wheat, etc?

In our products we don't use any diary or any wheat. We use cashew nuts, walnuts andot. Please refer to specific flavours' page for our full ingredients list.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes, all our Lecka Energy Bars are gluten free.

Do you use any additives, preservatives or artificial colours / flavours?

No, we do not. We use only natural ingredients.

Are your products vegan?

All our products vegan and plant-based.


What material(s) are you using for your packaging?

Our wrappers are made from bio-based (corn-starch) bioplastic, cellulose and paper. Our boxes and shipping cartons are made from paper, without any plastic lamination. For the packaging boxes we unfortunately need to use plastic tape to protext the products.

Is your bioplastic compostable and biodegradable?

Yes, it is home compostable and fully biodegradable. Every material biodegrades, it is just a matter of time (some plastic take up to 1,000 years). More importantly, our material is certified home compostable. That is THE golden standard for eco-friendly packaging. It means that every component and material will breakdown and decompose into organic soil (biomass, CO2 and H2) within a time frame of 12 months. No toxic residuals left!

How long does the bioplastic take to biodegrade in nature?

The bioplastic wrapper should never end up in nature! Never! The biodegradation process takes up to 12 months and would still harm fauna and flora during that time. Please dispose your bioplastic wrapper as part of your organic waste in your trash.

Can I home compost my Lecka wrapper?

Yes, indeed. You can add the Lecka packaging to your home compost, along side your other organic waste, and it should naturally break down into organic soil. Please send us pictures!

Usage & Storage

When should I eat Lecka Energy Bars?

Lecka Energy Bars are an ideal snack before, during and after your exercise. Take the Lecka Energy Bar 30min before your exercise to give enough time for digestion and for the sustained energy to kick in. If you exercise more than 90min, take a Bar every 45 min during your exercise and get the needed energy for keeping it going. Enjoy a Bar after your exercise to restore the burned energy. Additionally, you can also enjoy the Bar during the day whenever you feel a little appetite. Either as a breakfast snack or during your afternoon break in the office.

For which activity can I use Lecka?

The simple answer is, any! Lecka Energy Bars are a healthy option, either as a snack during the day or before, during or after your exercise. It is loved by runners, cyclist, swimmers, footballers and hikers alike. Whenever you need some sustained energy and something quick & easy, Lecka Bars are perfect for that.

What kind of food & safety test have you done?

We follow Vietnam's food & safety regulation and have tested all our products with a third party testing labaratory, Eurofins, in Ho Chi Minh City / Hanoi. The tests include methods to determine the levels of yeast, mould, bacteria and other harmful substances. All Lecka products have passed those tests and are declared to the Vietnamese authorities.

What is shelf life of the bioplastic packaging?

If you store the Lecka Energy Bars in a cool, dry shaded environment, the shelf life is up to 9 months. In order to enjoy them the most, keep them refrigerated.

Sustainability & Community

What do you do to protect Mother Earth?

Sustainability is at the core of Lecka. That means, that we consider our impact on nature in every decision we are taking. You can find that throughout all our processes at Lecka, from the way our products are grown at local farms, our green production facility in Hanoi to the packaging and technology choices. The highlights are: 1) we only use locally sourced ingredients and hence reducing our carbon footprint in the supply chain, 2) we reduced dramatically the amount of plastic in our factory and use mainly glass and steel, 3) we only use home compostable packaging

Do you have a sustainability report?

We are working on one for 2022. Stay tuned :) And please reach out if you have any ideas what that report should cover.

What community work do you do?

We committed ourselves to donating 1% of our annual sales to projects in Vietnam that protect nature and provide youth development. We see this as a very straight forward way to give back when we are growing at the same time. For example, we have supported plastic clean ups in Ho Chi Minh City.

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