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our values

a few lines on what we believe in


we started Lecka to bring a great product to the market that truly adds value to people's lives AND is good for the environment at the same time.

if we create a smile on your face every time you have a #leckamoment, we have achieved our goal. job done!

our products are designed in a way that they give you the right nutrition for the right moment. the natural ingredients are selected based on their origin, nutritional value, taste and texture. and tested over and over again.

we spent literally years on finding the most appropriate packaging material that suits our expectations and use cases. combining that with our designs, we are keen to create great user experience and customer connections.


the two most important groups of people are our dear customers and the Lecka team.

we are here to provide excellent customer service and to work relentlessly with our partners and customers to get more feedback on every single aspect of Lecka. we want to make sure that we develop our products with our customers and get their ideas as much as possible.

additionally, we want to provide a working environment where every single member of the Lecka team feels valued and understood. starting with a rigorous hiring process, we are building a dynamic, challenging and positive work place that brings out the best of every team member.


we are fully aware of our responsability as a food business and understand the impact we have on the Earth. we take resources from the planet to provide those in form of Lecka products to you. the question is, how can we ensure a more complete cycle where everything we take eventually will go back?

our key goals in sustainability are to work with farmers that follow sustainable and ethical standards, to reduce plastic waste in production and packaging and to minimise the carbon footprint of all our operations. quite tough objectives you might say - and we agree.

we believe that data helps to set a baseline and then improve from there. stay tuned!

having the planet as part of our core values, forces us to consider the wellbeing of Mother Earth in every single decision we take. we have made it so far with rethinking the way we source and by challenging plastic packaging to use bioplastic instead. we are curious what other new ideas we come up with to be good.


we are not standing still. nothing is set in stone. whatever we have said and done so far, we will improve on. period.

pushing ourselves outside the comfort zone, based on principles from the world of sports, we want to become better day by day. a lot of little experiments allow us to push the boundaries and, sometimes by error, we discover new ways of doing things, e.g. in recipes, packaging and designs. we welcome thoughtful discourse and encourage to share different points of perspectives.

that means sometimes we make mistakes and don't get it right, but then we analyse and learn from that. how else would we know what can be done better?


we are a business that re-invests the profits into the four values above. that's our way of creating a continous cycle of business building.

we believe if we do all the four things above right, then we generate cash flows that are used for forward-looking investments in product, people, planet and progress.

additionally, we think that private businesses have a great role to play to improve the wellbeing of the communities. hence, we donate 1% of our annual sales to projects in Vietnam in the areas of youth development and environmentalism. building another generation of thoughtful and compassionate leaders is close to our hearts and caring for the environment is crucial to enjoy this planet much longer.

this donation is baked into our business model and is non-negotiable.