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yummy, but is it also good for you?


The right nutrition is key to achieve overall mental and physical well-being. We at Lecka set out to use local ingredients for creating healthy food that helps you to achieve your active lifestyle goals.

learn the nutrition basics
A lot of research went into the creation of Lecka Bites in order to bring you delicious yet functional food. We studied carefully what kind of nutrition is healthy for body and mind and what ingredients can be used from Southeast Asia that have the appropriate nutrition profiles.

We are keen to share that knowledge so everyone learns more about nutrition and can life a healthier and happier life.

Read more here about the nutritions basics, everything you need to know from macro to micronutrients.
find the right Bite for you
Sometimes it can be overwhelming to know what is the appropriate nutrition, especially if you set out to achieve a goal.

How does the Lecka Energy Bite fit into your nutrition?

It is pretty simple. Lecka Energy Bites are designed to support any active lifestyle. Whether it is before, during or after an exercise, for breakfast or during your afternoon coffee break, the Bite gives you sustained energy that you need naturally anyway.

All the Lecka Energy Bites have a similar nutrition profile, e.g. similar number of Calories. So, now it is up to you to find your favourite Lecka flavour to enjoy.

role of energy in sport nutrition
Lecka was born out of the nature-loving trail running community. Many studies and experiments went into the creation of Lecka's recipes, especially in the field of sport nutrition.

An important role in sport nutrition is Energy, or to be more precise, sugar. That keeps the energy levels up during an exercise and provides the nutrition you need for endurance performance.

Read more here about the role of sugar and how to optimise your intake before and during your exercise.