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intro to banana leaf packaging

January 20, 2021

Following an old tradition in the Vietnamese culture, we offer an option to wrap our yummy Lecka Energy Bites in banana leaves. The idea came when the Lecka team did some trail runs in the Vietnamese highlands and felt that plastic packaging wouldn't do it. Why not leveraging the power of nature? Banana trees exist in abundance in the tropics of Vietnam and are a fast growing plant with lots of benefits for bio-diversity.

We work with a banana tree farm South of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, who specialises in the farming and production of clean and fresh banana leaves for food packaging in the region. The banana trees are grown sustainably without any pesticides and in a biological diverse environment. The life time of one tree is around 9 months. In average, a banana tree absorbs around 2-3kg of carbon emission from the air over its entire life cycle.1 Hence they have an impressive carbon storage and carbon dioxide sequestration in agroecosystems, and play a certain role in global carbon cycle, climate regulation and reducing global warming.

Banana leaves are one of the most eco friendly food packaging options. It biodegrades in nature within 2-3 weeks and does not do any harm to flora and fauna.
It keeps the packaged food fresh for up to 7 days, if kept in an airtight and cool environment. The leaf turns from a green to a more white colour - a good sign to enjoy your Lecka very soon.

Interested to be super eco-friendly on your next outdoor adventure or looking for a green product at your next event?
Be in touch to order our banan leaf wrapped Bites in bulk.

1: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/269351306_Carbon_Storage_and_Carbon_Dioxide_Sequestration_of_Banana_Plants_at_Different_Growth_Stages#:~:text=Large%20annual%20herbaceous%20plants%20such,regulation%20and%20reducing%20global%20warming.