Variety Box - 12 Pack

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Tips & Usage


Please store your Lecka in a cool, dry and shaded place, and avoid direct sunlight. In warm and humid climates like Singapore or Vietnam, we recommend to keep Lecka in your fridge.

As soon as you opened it, please enjoy it within one day. You don't want to have it go to waste, right?


It's pretty simple, whenever you have that little appetite :)

We think the Energy Bar is best when enjoyed before, during or after exercising, e.g. your gym session, a run or when cycling. They are also very popular during a busy day, when moving between meetings or travelling, whenever a healthy & no-guilt snack option is needed.

The nutrition profile is designed to give you a nice boost of energy while covering all other macro nutrients like protein and fats. Our products are not intended to be a meal replacement and we also recommend to enjoy a balanced diet.

If you have found your best #leckamoment, please share them with us. We are keen to hear more!


If you have access to a compost bin, please dispose the wrapper alongside your organic waste and let the natural biodegredation happen. You will see after several months that the wrapper decomposts and breaks down into biomass.

If you don't have a compost, please dispose the wrapper alongside your organic waste into the garbage bin.


What is it?

Technically speaking it is a 3 layer material: 1) Corn starch based bioplastic (BioPBS), 2) Cellulose, 3) Paper.

We have searched and tested for a long time to decide on what is the best material for our product. We have settled on this material as it gives a long enough shelf life to keep our product fresh and is eco-friendly enough to align with our values of sustainability. The different layers are certified by TUV AUSTRIA to be Home Compostable, which means it can decompose within 12 months at around 28 degrees Celsious and doesn't leave any toxic residuals behind. In that time, the material breaks down to CO2, H2O and biomass. A full circle.

How to dispose it?

Rule # 1: Never throw it into nature! Because it is eco-friendly, it doesn't mean it should be just chucked away.

Rule # 2: Add it to your home compost if you have one. It goes great with your organic waste as those natural sugars and bacteria speed up the biodegradation process.

Rule # 3: Add it to your organic waste at home and dispose it according to your waste management system in your municipality.

What's not so great about it?

The downside of our material is that is bio-based, meaning it doesn't give the shelf life we are used to from products wrapped in plastic. The biodegradation is naturally occuring, especially in hot and humid climates.
Also, the material cannot be recycled as the output material would be too weak to use again.
Lastly, if the material lands in the ocean, and is not exposed to the microorganisms in the soil, the biodegradation process is slowed down and the material would harm marine life.
Variety Box - 12 Pack

Variety Box - 12 Pack

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