From Prototyping to Launching the Alpha Lecka Energy Bar
[Guest blog post from our founder Markus]   Developing a product. Probably the most amazing and fun part to starting a product-led company. Probabl...
Growing in Vietnam with a new distribution deal
We had a great start to the year of the tiger and we are excited to share some updates with you. In the previous four months since we launched L...
Our inspiration for the Pineapple and Banana Lecka Bar Flavours
[English below] Chúng tôi lắng nghe cẩn thận những phản hồi và ý tưởng của các bạn để tạo ra nhiều hương vị hơn trong khi vẫn đúng với câu tôn chỉ...
Our packaging story - act more in a circular way

During the past century we have created this remarkable material, that provided us with options to consume products from all around the world at a low cost and a never-ending shelf life… yet on the other hand, has created an ecological disaster - plastic.

It’s about time we let the world know plastic packaging belongs to the past. Ask yourself: Do you want your product to be packed in eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging? 

Lecka x B Corporation
We are extremly pleased to announce that we are now a certified B Corporation - the third only in Vietnam (so far!).
That's a (no-plastic) wrap - 2021 in review
Who would have guessed that this year 2021 would bring so many surprises? From a never ending COVID situation to lock downs and massive vaccination...
3 Tips to Enjoy Lecka Bars
We created the Lecka Energy Bar to fuel your active lifestyles with natural energy. Here are our 3 different tips how/when to enjoy a Lecka:
Make your Orders Carbon Neutral!
Now it is possible to offset the carbon emissions of your Lecka purchase. We partner with EcoCart to make your order carbon neutral - the amount goes to projects in the region that invest in offsetting carbon.

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