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Hương vị nhiệt đới đặc trưng của chúng tôi. Xoài ngọt ngào đặc biệt cho cú hích năng lượng tươi mới đó. Ngon và dễ ăn! Tận hưởng 100% thành phần tự nhiên từ Việt Nam cho lối sống năng...

thời gian giao hàng ước tính từ đến .

tổng quan về sản phẩm

Hương vị nhiệt đới đặc trưng của chúng tôi. Xoài ngọt ngào đặc biệt cho cú hích năng lượng tươi mới đó. Ngon và dễ ăn! Tận hưởng 100% thành phần tự nhiên từ Việt Nam cho lối sống năng động của bạn. Thậm chí còn tốt hơn, được đóng gói trong bao bì có thể phân hủy tại nhà và phân hủy sinh học 100%.


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Cơm dừa

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thành phần: xoài (36%), mận (28%), hạt điều (20%), cơm dừa (12%), mật hoa dừa, tinh bột sắn, muối. 

tư vấn dị ứng:đối với các chất gây dị ứng vui lòng tham khảo các thành phần in đậm. được sản xuất tại một nhà máy sử dụng các loại hạt làm nguyên liệu.

lưu trữ và sử dụng: giữ ở nơi khô ráo,và bóng râm. ăn trong vòng một ngày sau khi mở.

thời hạn sử dụng: 7 tháng. xem ngày hết hạn trên sản phẩm.

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mẹo & cách sử dụng


please store your lecka in a cool, dry and shaded place, and avoid direct sunlight.
as soon as you have opened it, please enjoy it within one day. you don't want to have it go to waste right?


it's pretty simple, whenever you have that little appetit :) there are probably a thousand times that can happen during the day so it would take way too long to describe all the situations when you can enjoy Lecka. but, if you really want to know what we advice, then Lecka is at its best when enjoyed before, during or after an activity, for example your evening run, after work gym session or weekend hike. does that help?

some of our customers have said that they enjoy the Cacao flavour when having a coffee or as an afternoon snack. we can't verify that, but it is probably true.
others really like the Mango one when they are sweating hard -because it is so juicy.

if you have discovered your best #leckamoment, please share with us! we are really keen to hear.


don't eat it all in one big bite. enjoy it bite by bite. good things take time. and your stomach will appreciate it too.
share it with someone you like. sharing is caring they say.

lastly, don't eat too many per day. it is not a product that helps you to loose weight, it is simply not (it is great for your ACTIVE lifestyle). rumours have it that someone had more than 5 per day and didn't loose weight....we wonder why?!

bao bì

we are so proud of our packaging that we can't stop talking about it. so, here we go, more information.

what is it?

technically speaking it is a 3 layer material: 1) starch based bioplastic, 2) cellulose, 3) paper.

emotionally speaking it is probably one of the most eco-friendly materials you can find on the market. the different layers are is certified by TUV Austria as home compostable, which means it can decompose within 12 months at around 28 degrees celsius and doesn't leave any toxic residuals behind. it simply breaks down into CO2, H2O and biomass. the soil can be used again for great things, for example farming.

how to dispose it?

rule #1: never throw it into nature! just because it is eco-friendly doesn't mean it can be just chucked next to the tree.
rule #2: add it to your home compost if you have one. it goes great with any organic waste which will speed up the biodegradation process.
rule #3: add it to your organic waste at home. please seperate your waste so you make the entire waste management process much easier!

what's not so great about it?

it doesn't have mega long shelf life of more than 9 months. sorry big retail industry. because of its bio-based structure, it naturally biodegrades very slowly, weaking its shelf life properties.
also, it cannot be recycled. if it is mixed with plastic in the recycling process it would weaken the recycled material due to its bio-based structure.

Xoài Dừa - Bộ
Xoài Dừa - 6 Pack Box - 176.000₫
  • Xoài Dừa - 6 Pack Box - 176.000₫
  • Xoài Dừa - 12 Pack Box - 330.000₫

Xoài Dừa - Bộ

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