Make your Orders Carbon Neutral!
Now it is possible to offset the carbon emissions of your Lecka purchase. We partner with EcoCart to make your order carbon neutral - the amount goes to projects in the region that invest in offsetting carbon.
calculate your calories
Nutrition plays a major role in our mental and physical wellbeing. Everything we eat and drink impacts the health of our body. Calories are an important number as part of a daily nutrition plan and shows how much food you are consuming. Knowing how much Calories one takes in might help to understand your diet better and can lead to more insights how to achieve your goals.
nutrition basics
Anyone considering an active and healthy lifestyle should know the basics about nutrition, especially macro and micro nutrients. We take you through the basics of those two categories and explain what you should watch out for.
role of sugar in a sport diet
Learn more about the importance of sugar in your sport diet. We explain why natural sugar is good to give you energy when exercising and what to watch out for when you consume your energy nutrition.

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